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A little bit about me

The first time I saw Danger Danger, I was watching MTV (when they still played the good stuff) and saw the video for Naughty Naughty. It turned out to be Andy Timmons, I had gone to see Andy play lots of times, and was so glad that I had been right about him making it big someday. (Hey so far I am 4 for 4 here) Well I liked the song in the video, and I had to hear more. When I heard the first CD I fell in love with the band, these guys were incredible. Well as you know Andy has moved on, and he is doing great, but I still love the music these guys are doing.  I wanted to be able to do something for someone that had given me so much entertainment and this is it. I am not getting paid to do this.( money is not  everything!), but I do have my reasons. I do it for Steve’s lasciviousness and good nature, for Bruno’s soft, sultry voice, and for Paul’s passion and dedication, among other things. (Just kidding,.. although guys those are pretty good descriptions of you) I decided to do this to introduce a hell of a bunch of guys with a hell of a lot of talent to the people that haven’t discovered them yet, and to even some that have. That’s It!
I am a certified wench,( which means I have a license to flirt) and I go to all of the Renaissance Faires I can, in costume of course, so if you ever go and you see the "warrior wench" they refer to as Myriah, come say Hi !, I would be glad to share a drink with you, as long as it isn't my tequila, ( I have to save that for someone else)  =) and  I enjoy living my life in the philosophy of a certain fuzzy headed person that has done more for me than he will ever know. The philosophy being that you live your life " Red VooDoo Style", meaning you live your life on the edge and  to it's fullest everyday.   

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

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iggie3.gif (36821 bytes) This is my iggie. He was posing.

A very special thank you to :

Thanks to the guys in Danger Danger for all their help with this. Steve you are a true sweetheart.  
~ B~ what can I say, I owe you so much more than what I promised already. Paul, can't wait 'till you come here to play, all of you are just to good to be true. Mary, thanks for everything ! Thanks to Andy for being the incredible player he is, after all  you are the one that brought me to these guys.Thanks to all my family and friends that have put up with me during the last few months and over the years, and to my "sounding boards" while I was doing this...Eva/Ben you are amazing. And to my second family at !!Home ..I love you all more than you will ever know. 



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