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The Boys in the Band

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Bruno Ravel

Paul Laine

Steve West

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Bruno and Steve have been playing in bands together off and on since the early 80's . Steve has been playing the drums for 20 years and even wrote a song,"Burning Our Bed" with Alice Cooper. Bruno has referred to himself as a "studio rat" and is not only a writer but a producer and an engineer. Bruno mainly writes the music while Steve writes the lyrics but they do on occasion switch.When Bruno was asked about their fame he stated " our 15 seconds of fame was up a long time ago, but we're stubborn so we still do it." (and aren't we glad they do?) Paul Laine was introduced to Danger Danger by Bruce Fairbairn and joined the band in 1991.Paul has sang harmonies on the Scorpions "Face the Heat", and sang background vocals on Poison's Flesh and Blood. In an interview,when asked about his writing Paul said "I have written as long as I can remember...It was never a conscious thing...I just loved music from so young that it seemed natural to do it...I don't think you can truly love music unless you try writing it ...then it consumes you." (I don't think anybody could have ever said it any better?) These guys are all very "fan conscious" and fun-loving and with all of the talent they have both individually and together they will be entertaining us for many years to come.