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Bruno Ravel

Birthdate:  May 1st 1964, Paris France

Favorite Artist:  Mutt Lange, Aerosmith,Kiss, and Cheap Trick

Favorite Food:  Rosa's Pizza,N.Y.C., Kobe' Steak, Sushi, Italian

Favorite Color:  Black

Favorite Drink: Alcoholic:  Margarita (top shelf tequila of course),or a nice Pina Colada
Non-alcoholic- Any fruit juice or Diet Coke

Most unusual gift from a fan:  "hmm....there were a few . I guess I'd have to say a Co2 BB Uzi Machine Gun...You can't tell it from the real thing and it'll penetrate skin...OUCH!"

Favorite past time:  I'm a huge sports fan, so I'd have to say anything that has to do with sports..especially Football and Hoops.

Musical Influences:  In the beginning it was Kiss, Aerosmith,Cheap Trick, Zeppelin,Motley Crue, Van Halen, The list goes on and on. Nowadays, my influences are Mutt Lange and Bob Rock

Musical Background:  Both of my parents are professional musicians,My Father is the associate concert master for the NY Philharmonic Orchestra. My Mom owns and runs a large music school in NY that has quite a reputation. I studied the cello at the Julliard school of music from the ages 8 - 18. During that time I grew weary of classical music and slowly made the transition to rock. Halfway through my studies at Julliard, I was basically bored and going through the motions for my parents, both of whom wanted me very badly to become a concert cellist..Oh Well...What 'cha gonna do?

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