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Whether you are in the mood to get a little "Naughty Naughty" or for a little "Monkey Business". These are the guys to see. Steve West, Bruno Ravel, and Paul Laine are Danger Danger. Steve and Bruno, the heart and soul of the band, started the group in 1988, and although they have seen many years of ups and downs they are still going strong.
During the first year, keyboardist Kasey Smith and singer Ted Poley joined Steve and Bruno. They then began their search for a guitarist. Tony Bruno was originally slated to be the guitarist for the band but due to prior obligations he felt it would be better for him to stay where he was. They then found Andy Timmons whose playing abilities almost seem to envelop you and take you to strange and exotic places. In 1989 they released their self-titled album, that included hits like, "Naughty Naughty", "Bang Bang" and "One Step From Paradise". The album later went gold.
Two years after "Danger Danger" the band released their second album, "Screw It", it included songs such as "Monkey Business" and "I Still Think About You". By this time the band had already made their mark on the world. Shortly after "Screw It" was released Kasey Smith left the band. After his departure the band begun working on their, not yet released, album "Cockroach", during the work on "Cockroach" Ted went on his way, and was replaced, in just two short weeks, by Paul Laine. During this same time Andy Timmons also departed  to pursue a solo career.
Next came a new dawn, "Dawn" being the forth Danger Danger album. "Dawn" is a perfect example of the determination, spirit, and the song writing skills of the remaining trio. Dawn has a heavier, more grunge sound than the other releases and it was also said to be more of a group effort. In 1998 Danger Danger released "Four the Hard Way" a title that could be said to be a depiction of the previous years. The album saw the return of Kasey Smith and Andy Timmons once again lending their talents. The latest album  "The Return of the Great Gildersleeves", was named after a club where Bruno and Steve use to hang out in the late 70's and early 80's. The new release offers a wide variety of songs and is getting back to the original style of music.On one of the songs Bruno even entices us with an appearance on lead vocals. And my personal favorite title "Dead Drunk and Wasted" is said to be back to the original motivation of the first releases, that seem to be saying, that just going out and having a good time is getting to be a lost art form.
Danger Danger is not a band to keep a low profile. They have toured with some of the greatest bands in the world, which include Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Extreme, and whether they are opening for other acts or headlining clubs they are highly infectious. With the good looks, extreme talent, and very impressive musical backgrounds that flows through the guys in the band it is no wonder they are not only a hot item in America but also in Japan, Europe and the U.K.