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Fun Stuff
Quotes, Questions,and anything else that comes across


Here are some questions and quotes from the online chat Friday, March 24th.
There were a few problems but things went pretty good. Thanks Roger !!!!!




Kieran: Hey Bruno,got a question, I'm getting the Screw it cover painted on my jacket, what is the wording on the bottom of the heart and sword logo?
            Bruno: Standing together now and forever

Carlos Destrroyer: Bruno, how did you come up with the idea of releasing the two versions of the cockroach album?
            Bruno: Because there are two versions and we think both should be heard

Tony Montana: Hey Bruno is it true that you were in White lion and wrote all the hits for Mike Tramp?
            Bruno: I was in writing though I believe that they might have ripped Steve and myself off.

Manny Manolo: What about Steve West's aura!!!!!!!
            Bruno: Steve's aura?.....It's NIIIICE

Joe Yamada: I ran into Andy at NAMM..sounds like he's been busy...Any chance of playing together again?
            Bruno: There's always a chance

Flakne: Is Paul in your midst today?
            Bruno: Paul is currently puterless =[
            Steve: Paul is missing in action! =)

Lamoree: How many cd's do I need to buy for Paul to get a new computer?
            Bruno: Lots

Flakne: What inspires you guys creatively?
           Bruno: Life in general What's your favorite beer?
            Bruno: Bass Ale/Heinekin



Kieren: I think the newie ia a class cd, a benchmark againest which alot of other future cd's will be compared againest

Steve West: Where is my partner in crime Bruno?

Bruno Ravel: What a giant pain in the arse!

Bruno Ravel: We're famous !...26 babee!

Steve West: They're dropping like fly eye eyes. Bye Bye!

80's metalhead: One of the greatest rock bands and definitely the most underrated Long live Danger Danger

Bruno: Cowboys !